16.5ft MPO/MTP to 8 x LC (4 Duplex), Type-B, 10G/40G OM3 Multi-mode Fan-out Fiber Optic Cable – Aqua (5M)

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  • This 5 meter (16.5ft) high-quality MPO to 8x LC(4 Duplex) Fanout/breakout Cable, MPO Connector Female without PIN.
  • MMF(50/125um), OM3 10G standard, LSZH -8 Core Fiber
  • Jacketed with compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high heat sources(Low-smoke-zero-halogen Rated).
  • Insertion loss: 35dB, Insert- pull test: 500times<0.5 dB.
  • For QSFP+ Transceivers Link, Contact us for OEM or Custom.

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This MPO breakout / fan-out fiber cable is ready for deployment in any multimode 50/125 MTP/MPO network. OM3 is fully backward-compatible with existing OM2 or OM1 systems. This multimode, MPO fiber cable is comprised of 8 fibers or 4 duplex channels within each connector (the center 4 fibers are not used). These high density cables are perfect when you have limited space, making it possible to run a single cable that automatically terminates 8 fibers in one easy plug-in. The fan-out side has 8 LC connectors that are numbered according to the fiber position in the MPO Connector and duplexed together. The push-pull release mechanism for the MPO connector is easy to engage and disengage, its latch design also prevents the plug from snagging when jumper cables are being routed.


MPO (female) to 8xLC
MPO Female, without PIN
MMF(50/125um), OM3
Insertion loss : MPO <0.7 dB; LC <0.3dB
Return loss : MPO >35dB; LC>30dB
Insert- pull test : 500times <0.5 dB
Operation temperature : -40℃ ~ +80℃

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