MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Breakout Cables

Each MTP/MPO Breakout Cable is most commonly used to assist in upgrading existing 10G networks to higher performing 40G and 100G rates.  Available in 8 / 12 / 24 or up to 144 individual fibers, the MTP / MPO to LC breakout cable allows the redistribution of various optical fibers to individual devices without additional networking equipment. Offered in lengths from 1m up to 150m, these breakout cables are the most economical solution for smaller networking environments which eliminates the need for more complex and expensive equipment.

MTP/MPO breakout assemblies are used in parallel optics and duplex transmission cross connect systems to increase cable density between switch and server cabinets. Designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers, they ensure peak performance throughout your local area network. Allow for rapid deployment of high-density, multi-port patch field connectivity for Storage Area Network (SAN) applications.

Karono MPO Fanout Cable Assemblies are pre-terminated 8 or 12-fiber cable assemblies. The unique design allows for rapid gender and polarity change in the field and enables a seamless, standards-compliant migration from duplex based applications (e.g. 10G Ethernet) to parallel optics based applications (e.g. 40/100G Ethernet). LC push-pull connectors reduce cable density by 40% and allow easy removal in high density installation. All MPO breakout assemblies are factory terminated and tested to deliver verified optical performance and reliability for improved network integrity. A variety of options are available and include MPO/MTP to LC, SC, ST, and FC fiber optic patch cables…

Connect multiple MPO-based infrastructure components to LC-based components, such as LAN switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas. 8 fiber, 4-to-1 conversion harnesses connect four 10G LCs to a single 40G MPO. 12-fiber breakout harnesses connect (6) LCs to (1) MPO using traditional fanout wiring.


MPO-LC Fiber Optic Fanout Cable Types