What is 8 Fibers MPO Fiber Optic Cable?

MPO to MPO 8 Fibers –  The MPO-8 (MPO fiber Connector which contains only 8 optical fibers ) supports up to four duplex channels, and is used in the QSFP transceivers that utilize the 8 fibers to provide four lanes per MPO port.

Why we need 8 Fibers MPO Connector?

The MPO-8 Connector is not strictly a standards recognized infrastructure interface. It is an application that happens to use 8 of the 12 fiber positions of the industry standard MPO-12. The QSFP application uses the outer 4 fiber locations (1-4 and 8-12) of the MPO-12 connector with 4 fibers used to transmit and 4 fibers used to receive. A QSFP transceiver does not use the center 4 fiber positions in the MPO-12 connector. While a standard MPO-12 cable will fully support this application, leaving fibers unused is not desirable. If more 12-fiber MPO cables are used, more optical fibers will be wasted. For this reason, manufacturers provide new versions of MPO fiber cable which contains only 8 optical fibers but still used the standard MPO interfaces.

So 8 fiber MPO will be the preferred backbone MPO choice for anyone that wants to build a future-proofed infrastructure with minimal upgrade costs later.


  • Efficient for point to point QSFP trunking applications
  • Convenient for QSFP breakouts in some specific applications
  • High precision guide pins for exact alignment
  • Least efficient for duplex applications
  • Offers the lowest panel density of all MPO systems


Primary use is for parallel applications to the transceiver Outside-In fiber mapping delivers parallel lanes

Base-8 MPO for Higher Density and Lower Utilization

Network built with 8-fiber MPO system can transmit the same data with less cost and higher density compared with 12-fiber MPO system. All fiber will be 100% utilized in base-8 MPO products. It could be a cost-effect solution for both 40G to 40G transmission and 40G to 10G transmission. 8-fiber MPO trunk cables and 8-fiber MPO-LC harness cable are already provided in the market.


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