Optical Transmission for the Toughest Industrial Environments

Karono(Mpofibers.com) is a supplier of optical transceivers for a wide array of industrial applications. Harsh environments present a number of challenges for networking devices, including wide temperature variations, dust, vibration and shock. Often electromagnetic interference prevents the reliable transmission of data over copper wiring, and noisy or dangerous voltage environments necessitate the strict isolation of equipment. Fiber optics technology provides a reliable solution for data transmission in these environments.

As the industrial shop floor becomes more connected and Ethernet or IP networking becomes more ubiquitous, your choice in fiber optics technology and supply becomes more critical. Karono industrial solutions build upon the same technology building blocks that have been developed for our Ethernet and Fibre Channel products over decades of operation. Ruggedized form factors, wide operating temperature ranges and more stringent quality requirements ensure our fiber optic components and modules work reliably in the harshest of environments.