Optimized Fiber Optic Solutions for Data Center Applications

The data center landscape is changing rapidly.  Broad investments are driving demand for new optical modules to address the needs of increasing bandwidth, lower power and longer reach. Significantly more fiber is being deployed today than ever before.  Data rates of 10 Gb/s and higher are now commonplace in the modern data center, easily exceeding the capability of electrical interconnects on copper cabling.  The data center market now demands access to a broad portfolio of fiber optic modules to connect servers, switches and storage.

Multimode Fiber (MMF) continues to provide the lowest cost and lowest power connectivity with trouble-free handling for the majority of data center deployments for links up to 300 meters. Active Optical Cables represent a simple, low cost interconnect for short reach interfaces less than 20 meters.  For these reaches, Finisar’s VCSEL technology has the proven reliability and performance to meet the demands of the modern data center with over 175 million devices shipped.

For longer reaches where Single Mode Fiber (SMF) is preferred, Finisar offers a broad portfolio of products with a history of market leadership and innovation. These fiber optic solutions are suited for applications within the datacenter, as well as for longer distances bridging one data center to another.  These products span 10G Ethernet, 40G Ethernet and 100G Ethernet over reaches from 2-10km to 80km in form factors such as SFP+, QSFP+, QSFP28, CFP/CFP2/CFP4, X2 and XFP.

The rapid scaling of data center infrastructure to meet the needs of consumers and enterprise cloud services requires a supplier that can ramp production to meet sudden-order demands, without compromising quality or reliability.  For optical interconnects, trust Finisar as your partner to help you meet your datacenter needs.