• What Do You Know About Small Form-factor Pluggable Transceiver
    Jason August 23rd, 2017
    The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) is a compact, hot-pluggable optical module transceiver used for both telecommunication and data communications applications. The form factor&n...
  • 5G is NOT 4G+1
    Jason August 23rd, 2017
    The global race is on to develop 5G, the fifth generation of mobile network. While 5G will follow in the footsteps of 4G and 3G, this time scientists are more excited. They say 5G will be different - very different. Recently, Span...
  • Types of Fiber Optic Cable
    John August 9th, 2017
    Fiber optic cable and fiber optic data transmission technology revolutionized data transfer in the late 20th century. In recent years it has become apparent that fiber-optics are steadily replacing copper wire as an appropriate means of c...
  • The Difference Between MTP vs MPO Connectors?
    John February 6th, 2017
    MPO (Multifiber Pull Off) was the first generation of MTP designed by NTT. It is now the name of the category of multi-fiber connectors produced by several companies. MTP (Mechanical Transfer Pull Off), however, is USC...
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