Car Safety Hammer - A Must Have Item

admin August 18th, 2016

This vehicle emergency hammer is made to be a potential Life Saving Survival Tool. We hope you never need to utilize it. However it's there in your vehicle's center console, or door slot when you need to cut seatbelt or to break windows so you can release yourself and your loved ones from inside a sinking, overturned or burning vehicle. Get a Safety Hammer for each vehicle you drive and order extras for your house and for your loved ones. Your Life Could Rely on This Hammer.
Secure Your Family and have Peace of Mind for Less than the Expense of a Movie Ticket.
This Premium Product Has Dual Hardened-Steel Hammer Heads - Shatters and Clears Windows With Ease
Built-in Safety Belt Cutter With Recessed Razor Blade - Easily Slices Through Seatbelts For A Quick Escape
2-Pack, Lightweight, Solid Grip, Easy-to-See Bright Safety Orange Color - So You Can Find It Quickly When You Require It.
Consistently The Highest Quality - Backed by a Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty

A Vehicle Crash - A Fire - Floods - Hurricanes - Tornadoes - Earthquakes - Sink Holes . . . 
Bad Things DO Happen!
We Hope This Never Happens To You!
However in a bad vehicle mishap, a couple of seconds can spell the difference between life & death for you & your loved ones. If you or your loved ones are trapped in a burning or sinking automobile, and the doors will not open, exactly what do you do when the power windows do not work? If you cannot even get your seatbelt unlatched? This is the time when an economical, well-built item can save your lives!
Phrik & Phrak SãphteeStuph is pleased to offer the SavALife Emergency Escape Tool to help you exit quickly from an automobile after a mishap. Right here is exactly what you do:
1) Utilize the Razor-Sharp Steel Blade to quickly cut the seatbelt.
2) Grab the easy-to-grip handle and use the pointed hammerhead to break the window, providing you a way out.
The body and handle is made from ABS plastic, making it strong & durable. Its Safety Orange color makes it easy to locate when you require it. The handle contains a razor sharp blade which effortlessly cuts through a tangled seatbelt. The blade is recessed so You or "Little Fingers" Can not Mistakenly Get Cut.
The hardened-steel hammer has 2 different heads: Utilize the pointed head to rapidly break the windows. It has a safety plastic cover so your automobile doesn't get scraped when stored. Use the flat hammerhead to clear away the broken glass, providing your escape.
Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty
Get the SavALife Emergency Escape Tool now. Put one, and even 2, in each of your automobiles, so you have extra protection to make a fast escape. Have one in your purse or backpack for emergency situations on any mode of transportation. It will be available when you require it. This is a two pack; get enough for your household, pals and loved ones.